Monday, January 21, 2013

Crown of Thorns Saltasaurus

Inspired by the comments section debate and the Brian Engh Brontomerus depiction over at SVPOW dealing with sauropod plant interactions I drew this today-

Here we have a Saltasaurus which, in its attempt to topple over a putative araucaria tree, has managed to knock over the tree and become entangled in the trees spiky lower foliage. It is now walking, crown of thorns style, through the landscape- possibly doomed to perish from starvation or predators.

I gave the foliage a more rambling. brambly habit than most modern araucarian trees with their very geometric design. What the sauropod was after was the cones of the tree, a rich source of protein for

the dino. Kept on the highest branches the reproductive propagules were protected by the spiky lower branches.

Could such a scenario have played out in the past? I don't see why not, certainly modern critters get into all kinds of crazy situations.

I am reminded of seeing recent alligator hunting shows where the preferred method of capture when relocating a gator is to toss a treble hook over the animals hide which snags the animal and it is pulled in.

Anyways, take it for what it is- speculative fun.


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