Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Jurassic Burglar Alarm" Preview

Duane Nash. (c) 2013
Like I have lamented before, I always have wanted to draw more pics for this blog- so here is a preview of an upcoming drawing I am working on. Decided to branch out from pen and ink to more colorful pics this time using color pencils. I am trying to achieve a dramatic contrast in this pic with both a unique, colorful and interesting landscape juxtaposed with a schockingly brutal scene of intraguild predatory carnage mayhem. I hope I succeed.

I am naming it so far as "Jurassic Burglar Alarm". The part pictured above is a small part of the whole scene and it will tell a story. I am drawing inspiration from the recent giant squid special on Discovery channel and discussions and ideas I have put forth on this blog in the past.


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